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If You Build It, They Will Come…Into the City, That Is

minneapolisYou may be hearing a lot about how hot the Minnesota IT job market is these days, but did you know that Minnesota tech startups are just as hot; especially when you look at the Twin Cities?

Tech startups have begun a new trend.  Instead of sprawling to the suburbs or moving to remote locations- as in years past- tech companies are now moving into the cities.  This could be in response to the cultural shift in the United States of moving from the suburbs to urban centers. Downtown and urban locations help to attract young talent because of access to transportation services and the appeal of the urban setting to this demographic.

Minneapolis and St Paul are no different. In fact, the Twin Cities claimed a spot on the list of the top twenty metro areas for investment since 2011 and in the first quarter of 2014, tech startups raised more than 40 million dollars.  One notable move of a tech startup into the Twin Cities is the relocation of Code42 – a software development company with locations in Minnesota and Sydney, Australia – into the Uptown area of Minneapolis.

The Twin Cities are looking to be a great place to work in the IT industry as new and old tech companies continue to move in and investment grows.