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Apply with LinkedIn Button to Launch Soon

No one likes the tedious process of filling out an online job application. The hassle of typing in your information and job history into separate boxes over and over again can cause many applicants to walk away midway through the process, or not begin the application at all. *

LinkedIn plans to launch a new tool meant to streamline the application process for job applicants. Rather than fill out a separate application on every job board and individual company’s website, the Apply with LinkedIn button, will allow applicants to login to their LinkedIn accounts, answer only a few questions, and allow their LinkedIn profiles to do the rest.

There is some debate within staffing firms and HR departments as to the usefulness of this feature. Will it just bring in lazy applicants? Or does streamlining the process make it easier for everyone, companies and recruiters included? The recruiters at ESP believe this tool will encourage candidates we find on LinkedIn to further engage with us. In addition it will widen the pool of candidates that initiate contact with us—giving us even more options to sort through for our clients, and enabling us to continue providing them with the best IT professionals.

Will the Apply with LinkedIn button totally transform recruiting? No, probably not. But while it isn’t totally clear on what scale LinkedIn will roll this out to companies, and how we’ll be able to integrate it with our current recruiting processes, we’re excited about another potentially useful tool coming from LinkedIn.

*By the way, it’s already really easy to apply to ESP—just use our brief Submit Resume form!