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‘Tech on Tap’ Hosted by ESP IT Brings Together Industry Leaders in the Twin Cities

Tech on Tap

In early November, ESP IT hosted ‘Tech on Tap.’ This event brings Minneapolis tech leaders together to enjoy a pint and share ideas at our new North Loop location. This year, one keynote subject explored how data is affecting our culture, and what companies can do to effectively leverage that data.

Tapping Into IT

As kegs tapped, the heads of the Minneapolis tech scene gathered and discussed the industry and their businesses. The Freehouse provided delicious appetizers as everyone mingled. Naturally, the healthiest bit of networking ensued. We knew that it was only a matter of time until great conversations would start among those assembled. As seconds and thirds appeared on plates and in glasses, relationships appeared as well. That is the goal of Tech on Tap: to provide a forum for a collaborative IT Community in the Twin Cities Metro area. 

What We Talk About When We Talk About Data

Our guest facilitator, Angie Schulke, led a discussion about how data has influenced the culture around us. Schulke stimulated the conversation by posing the question: “What good is data if we can’t use it correctly?” The dialogue examined how modern companies are excellent at collecting data, but lacking in their understanding of what that data means. Let alone leveraging its influence in popular culture.

The evening concluded with an open discussion until everyone had shared and drank their fill. Suffice to say, we view Tech on Tap 2019 at a smashing success. Hopefully, more than one good idea or lasting connection was made; we know the evening will leave a lasting impression on us as we head into the new year. 

A Toast To Our Industry

ESP IT betters not only our clients and candidates, but also the entire technology industry. We are proud to have been serving the Twin Cities area for 50+ years and are excited to see what the future holds. To learn more about ESP IT or to start your search in the IT industry today, contact us at 612-337-3000 or visit our website