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How To Get The Most From Your Skype Interview

skype-interviewIn the same way that seasons change, so do our interviewing practices. Conducting a Skype interview doesn’t have to be difficult.  Take advantage of the medium and avoid distractions.  Get the most from your Skype interview with these tips:

Turn It Off

One of the easiest mistakes to make while giving Video interviews, or phone interviews for that matter, is to leave other electronics running that distract us from the task at hand: discovering if the person interviewing is a good fit for your company.  Respect your time and theirs by turning off notifications, setting your cell phone to the side, and giving your undivided attention to the interviewee. Don’t miss a key sentence or opportunity to learn more because of an email notification.

Close Your Door

The office can sometimes get noisy. Colleagues are having a conversation right outside of your office door, music is playing, or the foosball game is getting a little rowdier than normal.  Whatever the case, make sure that you have a quiet space to conduct your Skype interview.  Video can have delays or bad reception as it is; don’t let a controllable aspect take away from your interview.

Ask For More

Take advantage of the unique opportunity Skype interviews give- you’re both in front of a computer screen. If you are interested in a project the candidate managed, a website they’ve designed, or a software they’ve developed, ask them for their online portfolio or to email a sample.  This will give you an opportunity to see firsthand what they’ve been able to accomplish and will allow you to ask more detailed questions to get a better understanding of their capabilities.

Whether you’ve started using Skype to interview or are thinking about adding Skype to your interview process, apply these tips to get the most from your video interview.  Give your undivided attention to your interviewee, reduce distractions, and take advantage of what Skype interviews can offer to the interview process.