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Introducing 12.0

Last week, ESP launched our new, completely redesigned website (and blog). We jumped on the website-bandwagon early, securing as our domain and joining the world wide web in 1993, just two years after it was launched for public use. To keep up with the ever-changing nature of web pages has constantly been tweaked and changed, including at least 12 major revisions since its first go-live.
Our new site answers some of the issues we’ve had with our most recent revision by making it easier for us to connect with, and in turn make connections between, our clients and our job seekers. Are you looking for IT professionals or are you looking for a job? Your unique needs drove a design and layout that would easily allow you to find what you’re looking for. Through the main navigation bar or the convenient links and toolbar on the home page, access what you need without needing to dig through pages.
Placing People First is more than a tag line, it is a principle ESP has held since the mid-80s when ESP President and CEO Bob Hildreth bought the company. It was important to us that this concept came through the website both with the services we offer on our site (job seeking tips, hiring tips, and our annual salary survey to name a few) and by prominently featuring real people throughout the website. We value feedback from the people with whom we work so our new client and job seekers testimonials pages include a feedback form so you can easily tell us about your experience.
Our history is rich and made us who we are today, and we are excited about our future as we anticipate continued growth and new specialty practices. Updating our website is just one way we aim to stay at the top of our game. Take a look around!

Take a look at the screen shots below to see some of the changes we made over the years, then check out our new site–if you haven’t already.
Sadly, an image of our 1993 site cannot be found, but our 1996 home page featured scrolling text at the top of the screen and introduced an online job search.


In 1997, we introduced our California branch (now ESP Legal, specializing in Legal IT & Litigation staffing) on the website and began to prominently feature our annual staff photo.


We sent a postcard out in 1998 to promote our new look and introduce the addition of the “Coffee Break.”  It featured staff favorites–websites, recipes, and more.


In 2001, we mellowed out our colors and returned to side navigation.


The addition of detailed descriptions of our services for clients and candidates as well as testimonials from our placed candidates further personalized our site on a professional level in 2005.


Our 2008 home page introduced our new logo, color scheme, flash animation, and video in celebration of our 40th Anniversary.

2008 home page

We made major revisions to design and content in 2010, with additional updates in design and layout in the last couple of years. Our goal was to help our visitors get the information they needed without needing to take a complicated path to get there. We began to prominently display our Annual Salary Survey, one of our more popular service offerings for our clients and job seekers, as well as highlighting our blog, and feedback we receive from our clients and job seekers. With a new logo earlier this year, came a new color scheme.