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ESP IT Hosts A Virtual Tech On Tap

On Oct. 15, ESP IT was lucky enough to have Jeff Peal present at our quarterly Tech on Tap Event.

Of course, this particular event was different than most, as it was held virtually, but that didn’t stop executive technology leaders from joining the event. We had more than 50 guests at our first-ever virtual Tech On Tap event.

Peal is extremely well-respected in the tech industry and has served as the District Information Security Officer with responsibility for Ninth District cybersecurity/compliance functions and the Federal Reserve Board’s Portal Support Office for the last six years.

The topic of Peal’s presentation was “Culture of Security.”

During the presentation, Peal focused on building a culture around security, trust, and respect. The message was clear for the leaders in attendance: Empower your staff for thinking independently while ensuring everyone is working towards a common goal of virtual safety.

Employees are on the first line of virtual attacks, but instead of putting pressure on employees, the goal should be to make everyone feel part of the process in a positive way. The focus for leaders with their employers was focused on collaboration, unique work, leadership, trust and understanding, respect, and empowerment. 

Overall, the event was successful in showing leaders that the start of a company’s cybersecurity starts with the understanding between leadership and employees on what’s expected and how they can work together to protect their company from cyber-attacks and hackers.

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