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Bob Hildreth talks about Innovation in Mpls/St.Paul Business Journal

In Friday’s business journal, Bob Hildreth answered questions about innovation andBob growth. Click here for the full article (our answers are on page 3), or read a few of Bob’s answers below:
When it comes to growing your business, do you stay laser-focused only on the product or service that has led to your success, or are you often in search of another product or service to add to your lineup?
We are always assessing our mix of services to determine if we should add a focus area. We planned on introducing a new service last year, but decided to stay laser-focused on our existing services so as not to stretch ourselves too thin.
How do you prevent com-modification?
My philosophy is that most businesses are in a commodity business, and we accept that. Our focus is on striving to improve our services and consistently listen to our clients and IT professionals with whom we work.
Is there a new product or service that you are working on or have recently rolled out that you can tell us about?
A recent growth area for us has been our contract-to-hire service, which allows companies and IT professionals to test-drive before committing to a permanent employment situation. It has been a popular choice for companies recovering from the recession. We are currently working on some IT specialty practice areas that we will roll out in the next year.