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3 Ways ESP IT Can Train Your Toddler

Child who received training from ESP IT, the best IT staffing agency in Minneapolis, MinnesotaWe’re very excited to announce our new program: Toddler Technical Education and Life Skills (TEALS).  It’s never too early to start prepping your child for the future.  As college requirements become stricter, it’s important to have your baby ready for the real world.  How else will they get into that Ivy League school unless they start internships, volunteer work, and work experience at a very early age?

Our TEALS program is designed specifically to prepare your toddler for a profession in the IT field.  We offer three, 5 hour  classes, that will cover the various areas of work readiness and technical training. Week one will cover business etiquette, week two covers networking, and week three focuses on Technical training from word processing to programming. ESP IT’s own Amy Nelson will be heading up the new program, translating the skills she uses in relating to our IT consultants, into nurturing and training your tiny tot.  All classes will take place in our teal-colored break room.  In three short weeks, we promise your toddler will be ready to pursue their IT career.

The Business Etiquette Class

Business Talk.

Kids say the darndest things, but your child doesn’t have to. Our TEALS program will teach your child to refrain from saying embarrassing things like pointing to a lady’s belly in the grocery store and saying “baby”.  We’ll also show your toddler how to answer questions, from the interview to the workplace, in three words or less. Your child’s limited vocabulary is no problem for the experts here at ESP.

Professional Wardrobe.

It’s not just for Barney Stinson anymore.  It’s time to suit up.  We’ll teach your little gal or guy how to pick clothes that match.  We’ll also help explain when a tutu is appropriate and when it’s not.


We know you’ve been working on this since the first word was spoken by your little angel but we have a proven method to get your child saying “please” and “thank you”.  Manners will get your baby far in the workplace.

The Networking Class


This might be the toughest class for your toddler, but we’re up for the challenge.  The first thing we’ll teach Jane or Johnny is that sharing is caring.  We’ll help your little one play nicely in the boardroom and impart the wisdom that everyone wins when we work together.


Turn your child’s hug impulse into a firm handshake with our networking class.  We’ll teach the sweetie that hugging strangers, biting, and screaming excitedly near someone’s ear are inappropriate in the workplace. Your toddler will learn to use his or her inside voice, the correct distance to keep between self and others, and how to make good eye contact.


You may feel that your baby will never learn to wait until you’ve finished talking before asking their question or that their distractedness is a fact of life. That’s where we come in: we can teach your little honey how to stay on topic and wait their turn to talk. We have a trademarked secret to instruct the little one to stay engaged in the conversation without getting distracted by silly things like the ball or the dog in the office.

The Technical Skills Class

Microsoft Office Suite.

We’ll get them prepared for their careers with technical training in Microsoft Office.  We promise a 22 word per minute typing speed with limited spelling errors.  We’ll also be including training in Excel formulas and animations in PowerPoint.  Your kiddo will be light-years ahead of their peers with this training program.


We really believe that the Mainframe is on the comeback so to prepare our tikes for success we have prepared coursework in Cobol, CICS, Natural, MVS and DB2.  This should really set these youngsters up for success in the future.

Again, we’re very excited about this new offering and want to leave you with one more thought—Happy April Fool’s Day! To learn more about our real services, visit us at