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Manual QA Tester

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We are seeking a Manual Quality Assurance Engineer for our client’s product engineering team. The individual will perform feature, regression and system level testing as well as assist in the development of processes and procedures related to product development. Qualified applicants will have a background in quality control and manually testing products.


  • Participate and learn configurations, setup and installations of all systems tested for products
  • Learn about all products developed in Product Engineering and become proficient in using the applications
  • Participate in the execution of test cases required for each project and question the performance of the software
  • Develop test plans and test cases required for each product and perform maintenance on existing test cases
  • Report issues found in defect tracking system with correct issue severity, describing steps to recreate the issue
  • Produce reports that reflect open issues for developers and management to review Participate in stress tests
  • Coordinate small stress tests
  • Participate in the development of a test schedule and work within that timeframe estimated for the testing cycle
  • Organize and participate in test plan reviews


  • Good troubleshooting and creative problem solving skills for design/specification reviews and creation of test plans and test cases
  • Good verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills to interact with team members, senior support personnel, high level personnel and customers
  • Be familiar with a product or project life cycle and what is required at each phase for testing
  • Understand and have good experience with manually testing products
  • Be able to question software features, performance or behavior
  • Good understanding of QA and defect management process
  • Able to help define system and user requirements through asking questions or following standards