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DevOps Contract

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As part of the devops automation engineer team at our respected client, you will work on the analytics software stack. The end goal should be a push-button deployment model that is stable, consistent and repeatable for all users. You have the opportunity to leverage the best of your skills in system management, administration, and configuration with the latest software in the hottest market segment.


  • Work closely with engineering teams to design and implement scalable, high performance automation solutions for external and internal deployment and management tools
  • Write deployment scripts in Ansible to automate the installation of various analytics packages
  • Design, implement and manage continuous integration, build and package management, and deployment scripts
  • Provide platform tactical support for engineering teams to debug and/or maintain automation processes and tools


  • Extensive Linux skills
  • Experience with configuration management, CI and automation tools a must (Ansible, Cobbler)
  • Experience with one or more Linux scripting languages (bash, csh, tcsh, etc)
  • Experience with one or more common scripting languages (Python (preferred), Perl, Ruby, etc)
  • Experience with build and packaging, especially RPM (required)
  • Experience with yum highly desirable
  • Experience with build management and continuous integration tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, etc.)
  • Experience installing and configuring Big Data software stacks highly desirable (Hadoop, Spark, Mesos, etc.)
  • Experience with cloud services (Amazon EC2, OpenStack) a plus


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