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Data Analyst


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We are looking for a full time data analyst for one of our downtown clients. Experience in the healthcare or insurance industry experience is highly regarded. The ideal individual will assist in planning, designing, and implementing common data transformation solutions as they relate to importing and exporting information into and out of our technology platforms. In addition to very strong technical skills, the ideal candidate will need to demonstrate superb business process analysis and interpersonal skills. The ability to extract and analyze data, patterns, and related trends is needed, with the subsequent ability to synthesize the data into information consumable by senior business decision-makers.


  • Develop/invent highly innovative solutions within multiple technologies, theories and/or techniques that impact IT strategy
  • Confirms project requirements by studying specifications; conferring with others on project team when applicable
  • Determine changes in physical database by studying project requirements & identifying database characteristics
  • Maintain and support Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution
  • Data management: Quality, auditing, error checking routines
  • Analyze, design, develop and test complex data transformation solutions
  • Develop and maintain ETL programs
  • Must have strong core technical competency in database and multi-tier technologies
  • Design systems that are recoverable, auditable, parameter driven
  • Work with Structured and Unstructured data
  • Problem solving: technical and non-technical/operational issues from data source through to application and reporting tiers
  • Assist in the creation and planning of projects, including organizing and leading group meetings
  • Leads existing and emerging technology and development processes, ensuring that the technologies and processes are aligned with the goals and strategies of the business strategy


  • Understanding of Data Warehousing concepts, Data Analysis, Data Warehouse Architecture, and Business Intelligence
  • Understanding how to measure and report data
  • Programming/scripting languages and client query tools: SQL, PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language)
  • Knowledge of data warehouse concepts and design with emphasis on understanding data relationships with the ability to understand the methodology when constructing data marts for performance/efficiency
  • Proper testing techniques
  • Strong academic background with Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering or Computer Science or Science or Mathematics
  • A minimum of 4 years of experience handling business data in a professional setting (Database, Query writing and data analysis)
  • Strong and clear understanding of data warehouse modeling concepts
  • Strong understanding of ETL standards, methodologies, guidelines & techniques
  • Strong knowledge of DBMS concepts: good conceptual understanding of data structures, normalization etc
  • Healthcare/insurance industry experience is a plus
  • Expertise with enterprise database systems such as SQL Server or Oracle (SQL Server preferred)
  • Knowledge and experience working with SSIS
  • Strong quantitative, analytical, and conceptual thinking skills
  • Exceptional ability to perform structured analysis & design following a structured approach
  • Data modeling, design, ETL routines, stored procedures, triggers
  • Ability to document and communicate in business language policies and procedures that will be coded in programs such as Visual Basic, C#, or others
  • Working with healthcare and/or financial services data
  • Ability to create reports and retrieve data from large databases and data warehouses using SQL and stored procedures


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