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Contract - VMS Migration Project Manager


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Our client has an immediate need in helping them plan and orchestrate a migration from OpenVMS code (VAX/ VMS platform) to Microsoft .NET.  While it’s helpful this consultant would have experience with Microsoft technologies experience, the key to success in this role is having had prior experience helping a company migrate off VMS to a new code platform.  This person will have ideally handled that migration, either as a key developer on the project or a project manager who got fairly technical in the effort.  Knowledge of VMS logicals, functions, and the specialties within is a core requirement for this engagement.  Our client will be seeking your expertise and guidance as far as helping them understand what to look for, what pitfalls/ challenges/ roadblocks may come up, etc.  As this is early stage, this person would come in and initially help the client understand the options as far as best approach and, from there, he/she could play a significant role – even helping to lead this effort – over a portion or all of the duration (projected to be a 4-year effort).


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