Our Success:

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Success Stories

Why is ESP IT the best IT staffing agency in the Minneapolis metro area? Because we care deeply about advancing the careers of our IT consultants, and work to create the best fit for job seekers and businesses alike.

A Homecoming for A New Challenge

A PHP Developer candidate was looking to return to Minnesota but was having trouble finding a position where he was a good fit. We presented him to our client that is a perfect culture match, and he hit it off with the hiring manager right away. He was offered an 18 month contract and in that time has earned a raise and grown with the company by taking on more responsibilities and leadership. He continues to loves his new environment where he is both challenged and appreciated.

A Growth Opportunity

ESP met a Web Developer working at a small IT company who was well-versed in JavaScript and JQuery, and looking for an opportunity at a larger company.  He was highly skilled, but it wasn’t showing on paper. Working with his ESP recruiter, he learned to highlight his most relevant skills and tailor his resume which helped him get an interview with one of our clients. He was offered a contract position and he is currently one of the key contributors in their large IT department.

Soft Skills to Fit

A candidate was referred to ESP, who was unhappy in her current position.  She was a highly skilled .NET developer but she wasn’t enjoying her work and didn’t know why. Through getting to know the candidate and learning about her soft skills, her ESP recruiter identified the issues as relating to company culture.  Though she was qualified for several openings, we narrowed down her search to find where we thought she would be happiest. In the interview, her skills wowed her future employer and she was offered a position. She is currently thriving in her new role. 

Hot Technology

Touching base with one of our passive candidates, we heard about a hot technology that IT Pros were eager to use.  We found a local company with a relaxed culture that would be a great fit for many of these IT pros, and in need of hiring assistance.  We looked through our potential candidates and found one who would be a perfect fit for the culture of the small company. Our  client was very impressed with the candidate we presented, and offered him a developer position. He is happy to be working with NodeJS and other innovative technologies at a company that is a great fit for him.