How to Find, Attract, and Retain Top Tech Talent in the Minneapolis Market

THiring the Best IT Professionals Minneapolishe Minnesota High Tech Association just released their November report for the IT Workforce. In it they share that there are currently 7,381 job openings, with the top 5 skills in demand being Java, SQL, QA, SDLC, and Linux. Chances are, you’re looking for IT professionals in Minneapolis with those same skills, which means you have competition. Project Managers, Java Developers, Software Engineers, and .NET developers are “most wanted” by you and everyone else in the Twin Cities. They’re hard to find and they aren’t cheap to come by, so you have to be strategic when looking to fill these top tech roles. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some tips that have helped many of the Minnesota companies we’re fortunate to call our clients fill their IT talent needs.

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