Lessons from the Jetsons: Skype Interviews

jetsons videophoneWho would have believed that the Jetsons’ prediction of video calls 50 years ago would have been spot on? Or almost.  Just like George would talk to his boss Mr. Spacely, we now have Skype Interviews and video meetings. Although video interviews are not quite as second nature as they were in the Jetsons’ home, you can follow these tips for video interviewing like a pro.

Help out the house like Henry Orbit.

The Jetson’s house is always illuminated thanks to their maintenance man, Henry.  To begin preparing for your interview, look at the lighting in your space.  You want to make sure you’re not a shadow to your interviewer.  How can you avoid shadows?  First, maximize the use of natural light by positioning yourself near a window. You can sit facing the window, or to the left or right of it to optimize that natural light.  Second, turn on lights in the room and move them so that the light fills in the darker spaces.  If you want to do lighting like a pro, use a softer light aimed toward your face, a backlight to add dimension to your space, and fill lights to balance the light on either side of your body.

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