Job Wars: Choosing Between Full-Time IT Offers 

downloadThough your IT adventure isn’t taking place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it’s filled with some of the same exciting twists and turns that the on-screen story brings to life. Like your favorite Star Wars characters, faced with choosing between good and evil, your choice to become an IT pro set the course for your future. It also meant that you’ll have to make many more difficult decisions in the years to come. For some, these decisions may not only have included considering one offer, but choosing between two or more opportunities. Due to the tech talent shortage, IT pros may frequently find themselves in such a position during their careers when planning to move into a new full time role. Knowing how to professionally navigate the process, from communicating with IT hiring managers to making a sound decision, will be key to helping you land the best opportunities. Before entering the “battlefield,” consider these tips from the Star Wars big leagues:

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