Salesforce Experts Are Like Car Mechanics


Founded in 1999, Salesforce is the first capable cloud-based CRM platform. Through its full suite of apps (covering sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more), Salesforce provides its clients with state-of-the-art analytics to optimize client relationship management. Much like the trusted automotive brands of Detroit, Salesforce has been on the road for years and has ample experience with all three types of clients:

  • Those who use it forever – individuals who are as attached to the Salesforce platform as to a classic car
  • The experienced drivers – those who continue to make updates to keep their newer model vehicle running smoothly
  • First-time buyers—companies who are just pulling the Salesforce platform off the dealership for the first time

Salesforce knows that there are a great many roads out there and navigating the expansive territory of its platform can be challenging for the new user. That’s why, via the use of its innovative Trailhead system, users can learn their way around Salesforce by taking guided learning paths (consisting of various modules and projects) while earning Superbadges along the way. A company should optimize Salesforce by hiring a great “mechanic” to keep things running the way they should.

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