5 Steps to Succeed on a Scrum Team as a BA

Guest Blog by Trina Silverglate, IT Consultant

How to be a BA in Agile Scrum MethodologyWhether you are new to the world of business analysis or a seasoned veteran, you’ve probably discovered that the first step when starting a new project on a Scrum team is defining your role in relation to the product team, the developers, and the Scrum Master. In the agile scrum methodology, the BA is not a defined role, but often companies decide it will be most effective to include one on the team anyway. Because of the lack of definition around the role, as a Business Analyst Contractor, you can end up with a wide variance of responsibilities, which can set you up to fail or succeed. To set yourself up for success on your next Scrum project, we’ve identified these 5 simple steps:

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