5 Steps to Succeed on a Scrum Team as a BA

5 Steps for BAs to Succeed on a Scrum Team

Originally written by Trina Silverglate, IT Consultant; Abridged August 2017

In Scrum methodology, the BA is not a defined role, but often companies decide it will be most effective to include one on their teams. Because of the lack of definition around the role, as a Business Analyst Contractor, you can end up with a wide variance of responsibilities. To set yourself up for success on your next Scrum project, ESP has identified these 5 simple steps:

1. Learn About The Team To Know Where You Fit In
Ask if the project will have individuals that are dedicated to the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master. If not, a BA with Scrum experience or certification may be asked to help fill one or both of those roles. If there is a dedicated Product Owner and/or Scrum Master on the team, find out how she or he will perform that role on the project. Know where you’ll be needed, and avoid confusion concerning responsibilities.

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