3 Ways ESP IT Can Train Your Toddler

We’re very excited to announce our new program: Toddler Technical Education and Life Skills (TEALS).  It’s never too early to start prepping your child for the future.  As college requirements become stricter, it’s important to have your baby ready for the real world.  How else will they get into that Ivy League school unless they start internships, volunteer work, and work experience at a very early age?

Our TEALS program is designed specifically to prepare your toddler for a profession in the IT field.  We offer three, 5 hour  classes, that will cover the various areas of work readiness and technical training. Week one will cover business etiquette, week two covers networking, and week three focuses on Technical training from word processing to programming. ESP IT’s own Amy Nelson will be heading up the new program, translating the skills she uses in relating to our IT consultants, into nurturing and training your tiny tot.  All classes will take place in our teal-colored break room.  In three short weeks, we promise your toddler will be ready to pursue their IT career.

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