Three IT Trends To Be Thankful For This Year

Give ThanksThanksgiving is a great reminder of all we have to be thankful for in 2014. In Minnesota, it’s clear to see that the good times are rolling. Several cities in Minnesota rank among the top 25 for Best Places to live and Minnesota is 17 on the list of the best places for Business and Careers in the United States.  Consider these encouraging facts, as well as the information below, as you as prepare for your thanksgiving meal.

More guests at the table: Low Unemployment Rates

There is room at the table for more guests this year. The IT industry is continuing to grow and mature at a rate of 3%, especially in sectors such as mobile. The national unemployment rate is 5.8%. Minnesota has the 5th lowest unemployment rate in the United States at 3.9% as of October of this year although, job growth has been slower.  In fact, the unemployment rate has hit its lowest figure since 2008.  The unemployment percentage for technology is even better at only 2.7% as of Q3 in 2014.  Although job growth in the Twin Cities is down slightly in 2014 by an average of .68%, there is a gap of around 2,700 IT jobs in the Twin Cities that still need to be filled. While some industries in Minnesota have had to cut jobs, IT is among the top industries experiencing job growth.

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