Top 5 Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile

Around 280 million people are on LinkedIn.  98% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential candidates. So distinguish yourself with the following tips.

Stand Out with your Summary Statement

Take the opportunity to show recruiters and future employers what sets you apart from other candidates with your summary statement.  Avoid boring, generic sentences.  Instead, showcase your passions within your industry and how you are able to add value to a future employer.

Emphasize Your Experience

With every post of current or previous experience you are able to add a link or upload a file.  Use this tool to add papers, presentations, published documents, or link to online portfolios to give potential employers and recruiters a tangible piece of your abilities and experience.

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46 Years Old, and We Feel So Good

ESP Employees Celebrate 46 years in our Cafe

We may have turned 46 today, but we’ve never felt so good.  Whether it’s our knack for reinvention or our refusal to acknowledge the possibility of being over the hill, we’re always working to find ways to freshen our perspective and processes to help us better serve our clients, job seekers, and consultants.

Since last October, we’ve definitely shaken things up, adding new programs and practices.

  •  In January, we launched our Blueprint: 25 Principles of Placing People First. These are 25 everyday behaviors that we’ve identified as critical on both an individual and team level. They are meant to help us achieve our mission of placing people first. Each week we discuss one of these principles as a team, with employees giving ideas for new ways to practice the principle, or sharing stories of times this practice has played out well in our organization.
  • We also launched an exciting new health program that we call Live Well, which is meant to engage our employees in healthy lifestyle choices, from exercise and nutrition, to brain challenges, and rest.
  • Using Rockefeller Habits as a model, we’ve changed our rhythms for planning and meeting. This not only helps us stay on track for achieving our goals, it also ensures nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to our relationships with our clients, job seekers, and consultants.

From fast growth to being a great place to work, this year was filled with awards, celebrations, and milestones, including:

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