IT Job Postings Continue to Be Plentiful

Last month, four IT occupations saw a tremendous increase in the number of jobs posted, proving that employers are looking to hire.

As technology continues to dominate the consumer market, and online presences-from your website to social media-become more and more essential, the demand for IT professionals continues, and these IT jobs are not going anywhere soon. In highest demand were Web Developers, with 107,199 jobs posted in the U.S. in June. This is a 20.5% growth in jobs posted compared to June 2011 according to WANTED Analytics. The most significant growth in demand was for Computer Software Engineers (Applications) with 92,190 jobs posted in June (22.7% growth).

Businesses continue to bring in new technology resources for their employees to use, which creates demand for Computer Systems Analysts (106,522 jobs posted) who can help the company efficiently and effectively bridge the gap between business and IT. And Computer Support Specialists (76,656) are needed to help employees with the implementation of these resources.

The outlook is good in MN too:  91,383 jobs were posted in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in June, a 19.4 % increase over the same month last year.

If you’re an IT professional looking for a job in one of these fields, be encouraged. Your next job is definitely out there for the taking.


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