Buzzwords: to use or not to use

Last week, LinkedIn announced the most overused buzzwords on profiles in 2011.Buzzwords As reported by CNN, Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s connection director, instructs job seekers to “Banish buzzwords from your profile. Use language that illustrates your unique professional accomplishments and experiences. Give concrete examples of results you’ve achieved whenever possible and reference attributes that are specific to you.”

While the common use of these buzzwords means that they don’t necessarily help a  résumé stand out, job postings are still calling for dynamic (#10) individuals, with strong communication skills (#9). Usually these postings ask for highly motivated (#6) individuals, who are organized (#2) and have a track record (#5) of effective (#3) or creative (#1) problem solving (#8). So, should job seekers really ditch all these terms, just because they are used a lot? I don’t think so.

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