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Your friendly and knowledgeable recruiters found me a job fast and with a good rate. That is exactly what I needed. As far as I am concerned, I could not have asked for more from ESP.

Lawrence- QA Analyst

I had a great experience with my recruiter from start to finish. He listened to my needs and appropriately placed me.


What I like most about ESP is the fact that I do not feel like just another candidate. My recruiter took the time to get to know me and build a relationship with me. I never felt pressured and he was always available when I had a question. I am very pleased with ESP and I will recommend their services to all my friends.

Travis- Application Development Lead

This is my first time working with a recruiter.  It was awesome!  It was a great experience and he had a very quick response time. I felt I could completely trust him.

Stacy- IT Project Manager

I was very happy with my recruiter during this process. He was friendly, professional, and helpful. I can't imagine the process going nearly as smoothly if I had applied for the position on my own.

Gavin- Junior Java Developer

My recruiter was outstanding. By far the most proactive and responsive recruiter I've ever worked with. 

Jonathan- Consultant

For starters, ESP has good IT jobs on offer. Most importantly, my recruiter took time to understand both my skills and desires in my job hunt. He pursued the position I wanted him to pursue and he did it proactively, keeping me very well informed throughout the process.

John- Compliance and Security Administrator

My recruiter listened to my requirements, and never tried to force me into a position. He knew the market and understood the IT marketplace well. Great experience overall! Thanks to everyone at ESP! 

Seth-Network Engineer

ESP provided a perfect match for my skills and expectations. My recruiter kept in contact with me throughout the process. He listened to my requirements, and assisted me greatly throughout the interview and hiring process. 

Seth- Network Engineer

I really felt like my recruiter and ESP were on my team.  I was immediately impressed by my recruiter's understanding of the IT field and my background, and my ability to match me with positions I was very interested in and felt qualified for.

Wyatt- Software Engineer

The follow up, support, and professionalism I experienced were truly exceptional.  I felt like ESP put in the effort to understand my skills and background, and to find positions that would be a good fit for me. I received constant, exceptional support and feedback throughout the process. 

Wyatt- Software Engineer

What I liked best about working with ESP was the quality of candidates, the thoroughness in communication, and follow through. My account manager is great. 

Laureen- Recruiter, Hospital and Health Care

My ESP account manager really nailed it as far as communications. Even when she was on vacation or out of the office, she had great backup.  ESP got me the best candidate and I loved working with them.

Kathy- VP of IT, Consumer Services

My account manager is always honest and up front in his communication. He will tell me when a search may take longer than the norm, or when a job is not in ESP IT’s wheelhouse. 

Cheryl- Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Hospitality Industry

My ESP account manager worked hard to understand our needs and presented the right amount of applicants. Working with ESP was a great experience.

Connie - Project Manager, Business Analyst

The responsiveness and ongoing attempts to stay in alignment on priorities and candidate filtering is what I like most about working with ESP.

Chris - Director of Software Development, Marketing & Advertising

I appreciate my account manager's personal approach and commitment to us as a client.

Brian - Director of Human Resources, Computer Software

 My ESP account manager is very professional and a great asset to ESP -- and to our company. I appreciate her ability to match requirements and candidate skill sets. ESP is head and shoulders above many of your competitors -- who resort to any tactics to try and place people.

Blaine - Software Manager, Computer Hardware

We really enjoy working with our account manager. Not all Account Reps are created equally… ESP's is one of the best we've ever worked with. I appreciate the honest communication.

Ann- Employment Manager, Computer Hardware

I have worked with my ESP recruiter a few times in the past year, and each time I have found him to be very professional and thorough. I will definitely recommend him to others. ESP has great people and job opportunities. 

Jason - Data Services Manager, Marketing & Advertising

My recruiter was very proactive and provided constant communication.

Minh - Project Manager

ESP was extremely helpful and enjoyable to work with. There was no pressure, and my ESP recruiter worked hard for the candidate to get the best offers. I'm very happy with ESP and if I ever need to change jobs again, I would use ESP. I would highly recommend ESP to my friends.

Morgan - Software Developer

Having never worked with a recruiter before, I wasn't sure what I was getting into and I was somewhat suspicious of the system. My ESP recruiter answered all my questions, got to know me and my skill set and presented me with some great options.

Chad - Front-End Developer

It was great working with my ESP recruiter. He kept me well informed throughout the process. He also provided good feedback about thinking through my decision. 

Charles- OS Software Engineer

ESP sends only the best. I appreciate the screening that is done to help ensure that the candidates who are sent to us are very likely to pass our interviews. Thank you ESP.

Catherine - Associate Advocate & Administration Team Lead, Marketing & Advertising

ESP made things very simple! From the start through onboarding the candidates, everything was very professional and easy.

Tanya - HR Manager, Marketing & Advertising

My account manager is very responsive and understands our internal process for bringing on contractors.

Jeff - Partner Integration Manager, Retail

It was evident ESP would do their best for me after meeting with and comparing to other competitor recruiters.

Stacey - Technical Project Manager

I was completely satisfied. I appreciated the constant communication. I will definitely be handing his business cards out—I think that ESP is a great company with a great future as you continue to put clients first.

Kevin - Software Engineer

ESP will always be my first point of contact when looking for new opportunities and I will also send other associates to them - I know they will be treated professionally and with great respect to their careers and skill set.

Justin - System Analyst

ESP gave me the confidence I needed to secure my new position. ESP treated me like family and they were there with me every step of the interviewing process. 

Davis - Junior Software Developer

I’m impressed by the ability of ESP to pull together candidates quickly.

Rob - CIO, Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

All of the candidates were top notch candidates! My Account Manager is easy to talk with, and ESP provided well qualified candidates.

Ned - VP of Technology, Staffing & Recruiting,

My account manager has done a great job of understanding our needs and finding candidates that are a fit for us. On target candidates, full service attitude. Right now, ESP is my preferred provider.

Hank - VP of IT, Translation & Localization

My ESP account manager was great to work with! She followed through on all items and produced quality candidates. Fast responses!

Sarah - HR, Legal Services

My ESP account manager is an excellent person to work with—knowledgeable, professional, and sent great candidates. You are the best agency I have worked with - because you do your thing and let me do my own thing - not pushy at all. I enjoy working with you.

June - Recruiter, Insurance

As always, it was a pleasure working with my ESP account manager. She understands us well and how our Hiring Managers operate. Great candidates, great Account Reps. ESP doesn’t give off the “salesy” vibe so many others in your industry do.

Colleen - HR, IT & Services

Thanks for finding us a great consultant and your on-going fabulous follow-up and support. This is the best contract employee experience I have had in my 38 years (of work), so I’ve had a few!

Clint - CIO, Government Administration

ESP is a pleasure to work with. My account manager is very responsive, organized and flexible which lends to a great partnership. 

Catherine - Associate Advocate & Administration Team Lead, Marketing & Advertising

A huge thanks to my account managers for all their help in understanding our needs and partnering with us to fill the positions. Both were a pleasure to work with.

Tanya - HR Manager, Marketing & Advertising

Great follow up! Pleasure to work with! I like my ESP account manager's approach and initiative.

Ken - Senior Recruiter - HR, Insurance

My account manager has good follow up. She keeps me informed of the marketplace. I enjoy working with her--we have a good relationship. ESP is #1 on my vendor list.

Jen - HR Generalist, IT & Services

I have greatly appreciated ESP's ability to learn our company and our ‘quirks’. This most recent hire is a great example of getting more and more productive and efficient in our partnership. 

Jeff - Partner Integration Manager, Retail

My ESP account manager has been a pleasure to work with, always so friendly and professional. Great pod of candidates…ESP's phone screen feedback was the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for everything!

Zach - Recruiting Coordinator, Financial Services

My ESP account manager has been amazing to work with. He is always professional and respectful. He is always willing to explain in details and clarify job descriptions. His follow-up is excellent. Give him a gold star!

Cheryl - Human Resources, Hospitality

I like working with my ESP account manager! She really understands our needs and works well with us when our communication here is not always the best!

Candie - Corporate Recruiter, Retail

My ESP account manager is easy and wonderful to work with. She follows through and does a wonderful job. I will continue to work with her to find future candidates.

Blaine - Software Manager, Computer Hardware

My ESP account manager was easy to work with and very prompt. Quality candidates.

Amy - HR Generalist, Electronic Manufacturing

I really enjoyed working with my ESP account manager. She is professional – yet personable. This has been one of the better search firm experiences I have had.

Katie - Recruiter/Hiring Manager, Wireless

My ESP account manager is very helpful – great candidates, great follow through – can’t say enough great things about her.

Jen - HR Generalist, IT & Services

What I liked best about working with ESP was the quality of candidates, the thoroughness in communication and follow through. My account manager is great.

Laureen - Recruiter, Hospital & Health Care

My ESP account manager really nailed it as far as communications. Even when she was on vacation or out of the office, great backup. ESP got me the best candidate and I loved working with them.

Kathy - VP of IT, Consumer Services

I felt like my ESP recruiter was looking out for my welfare and not just slotting a body into a position. I would gladly work with him again. I was treated in a professional manner and didn’t feel pressured.

Eric - Programmer Analyst

I was more than impressed with the staff. Communication by phone, email, or letter was great. I really enjoyed working with My ESP recruiters and appreciated their help and guidance.

Vickie - Telecommunications Manager

I loved working with My ESP recruiter. He was incredibly helpful as I entered the job search market after a long hiatus.

Joelle - PHP/MySQL Web Developer

Thank you for all your time and efforts you expended on my behalf.  The process was smooth, your professionalism was outstanding and this is now my third positive experience with ESP.

Carey - Senior Director of IT Infrastructure Services

No complaints here. I worked with several recruiters over the last couple months and you have been by far the best to work with. Thanks so much to my ESP recruiter! Constant updates and feedback regarding the position.

Brian - SQL/SQL Server Programmer

It was my first experience going through interviews after 9 years, but ESP made is possible, promoting my resume and finding a job for me. ESP was very prompt in setting up interviews and following through the end. Thank you very much.

Narsimha - Sr. Programmer Analyst

This was by far the most pleasant and professional experience I’ve had working with a recruiting firm. I appreciated ESP's professionalism and communication.

Michael - Sr. Programmer Analyst

I’m personally 2 for 2 with ESP! My recruiter understood exactly what I was looking for in a company and did not disappoint! I value my relationship with ESP and consider them partners.

Litded - Technical Project Manager

My ESP recruiter was very professional and a great ‘go getter.’ I was faced with a time crunch and ESP worked well with the client and me to move forward.

Jessica - Marketing Web Developer

ESP had very good, specific, detailed input on how to improve my resume. The advice worked!

Brent - Application Developer

ESP was great to work with. My recruiter always answers and follows through on items I request or that are promised to me.

Thanh - Sr. Business Analyst

I like everyone I’ve met at ESP and I feel like I’m always treated with respect.

Roland - Sr. Systems & Development Lead

Great job! I appreciated your help. ESP fights for the candidate too. Always willing to help and answer questions. Great job. Top of the market.

Chris - Programmer Analyst

ESP's approach has an energy that instills confidence. My recruiter does a fantastic job making sure you are aware of possible opportunities, and you are not just another client on the books. 

Stacey - Technical Project Manager

ESP helped me get my resume in order, which made a big impact on responses. My recruiter was in contact with me throughout the search, which showed a great level of his commitment to his clients.

Kevin - Software Engineer

I've worked with a few different recruiters in my time as a technology consultant and I can definitively say that my ESP recruiter was the most professional and easiest to work with.

Justin - System Analyst

My ESP recruiter excelled in preparing me for the interview. He always kept me informed, and was on top of things and made sure things went well. It was really a pleasure working with ESP.

Vinay - Technical Project Manager

I have worked closely with several recruiters in the area; my ESP recruiter impressed me the most out of all of them because of his willingness to listen, encouragement, good advice, and finding a job that should be a great fit for me. 

Joel - Technical Analyst

ESP was a delight to work with. I interviewed three times and accepted the job within eight days due to my recruiter's diligence and follow through.

David - Lead Business Analyst

It was a pleasure to work with ESP. They provided thoughtful guidance, and were very helpful. I appreciated having an advocate for my job search.

Josh - Product Owner

My ESP recruiter provided me with honest feedback and only followed through on openings that matched my professional skill set and personal interests. His calm, yet reassuring demeanor was much appreciated throughout the lengthy interview process. 

Brad - IT Infrastructure Manager

ESP understood my current situation and placed me very well. You guys rock!

Bill - Groovy Developer

Working with ESP has always felt a bit more personal than I expected working with a contracting agency to be. Honestly, it often feels like ESP is as invested in my success as I am.

Brad - Systems Administrator

My recruiter was very accommodating, flexible, supportive, and easy to work with. I respected the fact that ESP represented me only after taking time to determine my skills.

Peter - Operations Preparedness Manager

I had a really great experience with my recruiter. Communication was top-notch and he gave all-around good advice.

John - Silverlight Developer

My recruiter is excellent. He is patient, persistent, and a great listener. ESP has a personal feel to it.

Andrew- Programmer Analyst

I would strongly recommend ESP to others. Promptness and good follow up in each and every stage.

Chandra - Programmer Analyst

My recruiter has been excellent to work with, both on this opportunity and in the past. He is good at presenting opportunities that are a great match for me.

Matt - Sr. Java Developer

After posting this position twice with no luck - it was nice to turn the process over to ESP and interview qualified candidates. We're excited for our new employee to start and be part of the team!

Lori - Human Resources, Government

I have enjoyed working with my account manager. His follow up is wonderful and he thinks through candidate skill set for all open positions.

Teresa - IT Recruiter, Transportation

My account manager was great to work with - he really listened and also respected my time. ESP provided us a great candidate after months of looking ourselves.

Steve - IT Manager, Transportation

ESP continues to do an excellent job of meeting our staffing needs.

Rick - Director of Content Management, Marketing

ESP has been a pleasure to work with. My account manager is dedicated to customer satisfaction and someone I trust completely. ESP is our go to vendor for direct hire needs.

Kris - Human Resources, Medical Industry

I hope this is the start of big things! Contact was frequent, pertinent, valuable, and direct.

Michael - Project Manager

My recruiter did a great job of understanding what my needs are and what I was looking for.

Aaron - Program Manager

My ESP recruiter kept me informed of the application process and status, providing very constructive feedback and advice. It is a pleasure working with him!

Eva - Software Development Manager

I'm very happy with the job and how recruitment was handled. The whole process was very straight-forward and informative.

Tom - Junior Software Developer

It felt like ESP cared about what was best for me, which isn't always the case with recruiters.

Kristin - Project Support Consultant

Thanks for your hard work and continued support. I love my new position and would like to extend a big thanks! My recruiter had a great attitude, was easy to work with, and was determined! Awesome working with you.

Josh - Senior Database Technician

Recruiters at ESP were more engaging and friendly, and there was always more than one person I could talk to when I had an inquiry.

Davis - Junior Software Developer

My recruiter did a very good job of motivating me to look for a better job and get it. If it wasn't for him, I would still be stuck in my old job. I appreciated the hands on, personal advice for my career, and all of ESP's hard work!

Mitch - Programmer Analyst

My ESP Recruiter is very easy to work with and was very helpful during the process. He had me well prepared to be successful.

Mike - Network Administrator

The best recruiters see each relationship/person as an opportunity. That's what I experienced with my recruiter at ESP. Thanks for being an action-oriented recruiter!

Greg - Network Analyst

My recruiter was great! She returned calls and kept me up-to-date. She is very good at finding openings that I was qualified for. I’d recommend her to anyone!

Steven - Senior Programmer

ESP was conscious of my time and provided me with the kind of candidates I was looking for. Many thanks!

David - Chief Technology Officer, Internet Industry

ESP has been flexible, helpful and provided quality candidates. I have had two out of two very good experiences with ESP!

Deb - Sr. HR Representative, Medical Industry

ESP exceeds my expectations on a consistent basis. I also appreciate ESP’s close partnerships and quality in matching candidate skills with employee needs.

Doug - Programmer Analyst

We have been extremely satisfied with ESP’s services. ESP is always my #1 call.

Karlyn - Human Resources, Telecommunications

ESP did a terrific job in helping me find my new job. Lines of communication were always open and I was kept up to date on everything. I would highly recommend ESP to those looking for work.

Dave - EDI Analyst

I really enjoy working with ESP. We’ve developed a great working relationship. I completely trust my recruiter, which is not always the case in the staffing industry.

Lori - Human Resource Manager, Computer Software Industry

I am extremely happy to have worked with my recruiter. He is very honest, knowledgeable, welcoming and I would still be searching for work if it weren’t for him. I appreciate ESP’s serious attitude, fast feedback and meeting my recruiter face-to-face.

Mark - Web Developer

My recruiter was upfront with discussing the available positions based on experience. He also listened to my expectations for positions and only found positions that were a good fit.

Trent - Business Analyst

After working with 11 recruiters and companies in the past three months, I can easily say that working with ESP was the only situation in which I felt 100% comfortable.

Mark - Web Developer

I have nothing but positive experiences working with ESP. They are always my first choice.

Lori - Manager External Applications, Health Care

ESP’s candidates are top notch. My account manager is very easy to work with, direct in her communications and listens to our needs well.

Matt - Recruiter, Pharmaceutical Industry