Zoe Halvorsen

Account Executive


zoe.halvorsen@esp.com | 612.337.9198

Zoe Halvorsen utilizes her strategy and intuition to help her identify the best candidates for Twin Cities companies as an Account Executive at ESP IT. On top of Zoe’s foundational knowledge of technology, she also has a solid understanding of the different approaches companies use for staff augmentation. Zoe’s focus on building relationships, team-oriented approach, and determination make her an excellent partner to our clients.

Zoe is involved in MHTA’s WLiT program. When not at work, she enjoys hanging out in the great outdoors, skiing, and learning new languages. Zoe volunteered with AmeriCorps VISTA program from 2014-2015 and is currently looking for new ways to become involved in the community. 


To Me, Placing People First Means...

approaching every conversation with flexibility in mind and making a conscious effort to truly understand what people have to say.


Favorite Quote:

"What matters in life is not what happens to you, but what you remember and how you remember it."—Gabriel Garcia Marquez




From A Business Partner's Perspective:

"Zoe is a dependable resource that I can trust to deliver concise, constructive feedback without having it affect our relationship. She works well individually and in teams, always providing a source of optimism and comic relief."